Does JinJinBoo host Ecommerce sites?

Absolutely. Every JinJinBoo Plan comes with multiple shopping carts installed - CubeCart, Zen Cart, Agora Cart, etc. - yours for the taking. Why pay for the extras when you can get it here for no additional charge? Hmmm... another good question.
CMS is all the rage! - Can I do that here?
You betcha! Who would we be if we didn't offer all the best content management systems like Joomla, Mambo, PHP Nuke, Siteframe, etc. - just to name a few?! With our awesome One-click installs from your control panel, you'll have your systems installed in mere seconds - with vitually no configuration. Best of all, CMS is included in ALL of our plans at no additional cost.
I Blog like a demon. Can I host a Blog on JinJinBoo?
Yep! Great Blogging tools like Wordpress, Nucleus, and more are available to all plan-holders... no additional charges for these either!
If I have a problem with something, will I be sent overseas for the answer?
We're gonna have to say "NO" to this one. JinJinBoo handles all customer support in-house. We have a great, industry-standard support ticket system and we respond Jiffy-Quick. Simply put, if you are in need, we are in the house.
Can I upgrade my plan later?
Anytime you like. Just let us know and we'll take care of it for you. No hassels, no fuss. We'll just invoice you for the difference for the remaining time on your existing plan. Whew! That was easy!
Who do you use to process payments?
After much searching, we chose 2CO (2Checkout) and PayPal to serve as our secure payment processors. While their payment page interfaces may not look as slick as some others out there, they are tried and true, and they allow us to pass fees savings on to our customers. JinJinBoo is PayPal Verified, and 2CO offers payment options such as e-check & bill-me-later. Pretty cool, huh?
How did you guys come up with that crazy name, anyhow?
Well, that's sort of a long story. Let's just say that it was borrowed from poet Kathleen Bailey Angle. Aunt "K" came up with the name back in the 1970's. We'll leave it at that.
I have other questions!
Great! We love questions! Drop us a line at pre-sales @ jinjinboo dot com, or visit our Contact Us page for other contact options.
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